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CFF is a leading freedom orientated journal in Denmark.

We aim to advance scholarly debate on the meanings of freedom, and how to promote the various concepts it entails. 


What we do.

Official CFF members post articles under the journals name, while guest writers are welcome to contribute and discuss the various topics presented. Those authors that write under the CFF label write for themselves and can not be seen as representing the opinions of all other CFF members.

Additionally CFF works as a resource center, allowing individuals to find out about local societies or groups that promote freedom in their area.

The freedom philosophy is broad, and therefore CFF welcomes all people that hold liberty, and equality as undeniable truths.

Major contributing members consist of:

  • Right/Left Libertiarians
  • Minarchists
  • Voluntarists
  • Classic Liberals
  • Anarcho-capitalists
  • and others

While CFF members may express opinions on politics, CFF remains a strictly non-political journal.

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