CFF at the 2012 Open Mind Conference in Skanderborg

Paramount to the pursuit of freedom in our current system is freedom of information and opinions.

Therefore we at CFF are promoting and attending the 2012 Open Mind Conference  in Skanderborg.
The conference offers a wide range of presentations and speakers on different (some might say controverisal) subjects,
 that many feel is not getting their fair share of attention in the mainstream.
Topics include: The financial Crisis, 911, contrails, vaccinations, and more.
Speakers include:Barrie Trower, Bill Still, Birgitta Jonsdottir, Carsten Vagn-Hansen, Desireé Röver, Frank Rasmussen and many more who have been kind enough to provide their lectures in English and for free.
Center for Frihed will have a small stand at the event. Come by and say hi!
We will be there in force on Saturday the 22nd.
The event takes place from September 20th-22nd, and lasts for the entire day.
For more information about the Open Mind Conference in Skanderborg click here
See you there !
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6 thoughts on “CFF at the 2012 Open Mind Conference in Skanderborg”

  1. I will be there on saturday to represent CFF (and hopefully friday evening as well). I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of open minded people there.

  2. Asbjørn Evensen

    Soooo great meeting you guys at the OMC. You were totally worth the trip 😀 Seeing young Danish people involved in freedom is still rare – but this will change. As we say, let the freedom fighters arise!

  3. Hi guys, great to meet you all at OMC. Liberty seems to be doing well in Jutland! Keep in contact and keep spreading the message.

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